Women’s March Participant Speaks Out About Being Target Of Senator’s Harassment Campaign (The Establishment)

“The Women’s March encompassed so many issues I am passionate about, and as a woman with two daughters, I have to participate in making sure they have the same or better rights than I have had.”

This is how Susan — whose name has been changed for her protection—describes her decision to take to the streets in Jackson, Mississippi, for the march over the weekend. For those like her who live in the heart of Tea Party country, the march was more than a powerful visual; it was a safe space to speak out, offering temporary safety from the Trumpian majority who respond to liberal women with vitriolic threats.

Perhaps, in such a deeply conservative state, it should come as no surprise that women like this who deigned to protest were also swiftly targeted and degraded. Two days after she marched, Susan saw a post from her own representative, Chris McDaniel of the 42nd district, posted on his public, official page.

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